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          4a0d2172d1a5653441fba4aaedf56186.pngCustomer Satisfaction means a lot to us     


Established in 1980, Witty Mate Corporation has developed the expertise in copper alloy.  In today's dynamic global business environment, it takes an extraordinary combination of knowledge, skill and resources to achieve and maintain a growing pace.  Witty Mate builds lasting partnership with each of our customers, establishing our foundation for the future and guiding our growth.

For decades, Witty Mate brings various copper products into Taiwan market to be used in Electrical Industry, Utility, Construction, Hospital, and Electronics.  The trust that customers have placed in Witty Mate has enabled our company to establish a leading position in Taiwan.  



In the meantime, Witty Mate introduces Brass Railings & Brass Fittings all over the world for using in Hospitality industry, Public Guidance, Display application, and Interior Design.  With years of manufacturing experience, we treat every piece of our products as art, which stands the test of time.  In addition to our comprehensive product, our skilled workers can develop customer-made item according to ideas, or drawings.  To fit market trend, we include Stainless Steel material for Railings & Fittings into our product line these years.


As we look to the future, we will continue to work closely with our customers to constantly improve the quality of our products and service.  Customer satisfaction always means a lot to us.


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